Fruit & vegetable juices are the cleansers of the human system. Despite a healthy effort, we still consume many processed foods, refined sugars, food dyes, preservatives and other ingredients that have no nutritional value, and can in fact do us great harm. A deans of solely fruit & vegetable juices and nut based milk, will reset our body enabling it to function at its maximum capacity. Mastication of raw fruit and vegetable allows us to enjoy the benefits of rich enzymes and vitamins in our food with 15 minutes after we drink them, rather than the 3 to 4 hours it takes us to break down and digest and assimilate the food.

Fresh juice that is extracted and pressed property has the highest impact that is why we request you phone in your order or order at our store-24 hours before you wish to start, so we have time to make your juice cleanse fresh.




Chaser’s Greens Revolution is designed to promote a gentle cleanse of intestines, promoting an alkaline shift in your body. Packed full of spinach, kale, parsley, cucumber and celery juices the Chasers Greens Revolution kit packs nutritional value.

1 Day: $ 70.00
2 Day: $ 135.00
3 Day: $ 185.00

Intermediate Cleanse


Chaser’s Intermediate Cleanse is our juice cleanse for savy juicers. Each juice has been hand selected for it’s potency and cleansing power Juices are a series of blends of greens, fresh green apples, berries and a fresh and sweet cashew milk to complete the experience.

1 Day: $ 60.00
2 Day: $ 115.00
3 Day: $ 165.00

3-Day Juice Revolution


Chaser’s 3-Day Juice Revolution Cleanse is the perfect cleanse package for a juicer of any experience. Containing a variety of a spicy lemonade with cayenne pepper; a greens blend of several different types of vegetable; a blend of acai and blueberries; a coconut water and wheatgrass blend and lastly a sweet, nutritious cashew milk. These juices contain antiseptics, probiotics, anti-oxidants and electrolytes which help rehydrate the body.

Available in 3 Days Only: $ 185.00


Puls taxes prices are based on pick up Delivery and/or shipping can be arranged. All juice cleanses come in a cooler lined box and bottles are marked, capped or numbered.