How can I get Chasers Juice?

Chasers Juice is a wholesale operation located in Toronto, Ontario. We serve over 350 restaurants, bars, hotels, clubs, venues, events and bakeries – chances are you’ve already had some! For the public, we offer pick-ups on all of our Chasers juices. Simply place an order through phone or email including your name, juice order, and preferred pick up time and we will do our best to meet those needs. Clients must then pick-up their juices at Chasers office. Chasers Juice does not do home deliveries.

Is there a minimum order I have to place?

Chasers Juice requires a minimum order of $25 for deliveries. This does not apply for pick-ups at our location. Order totals may be met with any combination of juices, mixes or Chasers Juice garnishes and accoutrements.

What is the shelf-life of your juices? Will they expire quickly?

Chasers does not add any preservatives to any of our juice mixes. As such, Chasers recommends a shelf life of seven (7) days, including day of order. All juices are made fresh morning of to ensure maximum shelf life. Juices may be frozen to prolong their life at user discretion. Chasers Juice provides date of expiry on all juices purchased.

What ingredients are used to create your juices and mixes? Do you only use real fruit?

At Chasers we believe fresh is best. As such, all of our juices are created from fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices. No sugars, preservatives or flavour enhancers are added to any of our Chasers Juice blends. Chasers uses only premium, number one fruit. In fact, over 350 pounds of limes, lemons and oranges are juiced daily! Fruits and vegetables are pressed, squeezed, blended and strained continuously to provide you with the smoothest, most delicious drink possible.

What sizes do you sell your juice in?

The most popular format Chasers Juice bottles is our 2L (Litre) jug. Apart from that, Chasers Juice bottle sizes range from single-serving 355ML to 500ML, 1L and 4L jugs.

Where is Chasers Juice located?

Chasers is located at 218 North Queen St. Located only a short drive away from sherway mall, near the intersection of North Queen and Queensway.

How does your cleanse package work?

The cleanse packages are designed to help your body detox, and rid itself of harmful toxins. Each juice is specially designed to give your body nutrients, vitamins and minerals it needs. Juice cleanses are meant to be taken every two hours, with water in between. Chasers does not add any water to their juices, so staying hydrated throughout the process is a must. Chasers has a variety of different cleanse packages ranging from single juice orders to 3, 5 and 7 day cleanse packages. For more information about available cleanse packages and pricing, contact the Chasers Juice main office at (416) 259-1557.